Interview with the owner:

I'm Niels, 37 years old (or young) and already 19 years busy with my Golf 2 hobby. I 'm an electrical engineer at the company BAM.


How long have you been working on your project?

I bought the car in 2000 and started modifying it ever since. The build of my track car took me almost three years.   

How dit your hobby and this car came about?

When I turned 18 I bought a Golf GTI accidentally . I liked the car , but did not realize it was a 1.8 16V KR GTI. Quickly it became an addiction to modify the car. 

Updates / specifications already done:

Uhhh, that list is too long. Only the body is original. 450HP engine on a modified 02M six speed gear box, a wider MK3 VR6/16V chassis, 334mm Porsche 996 Turbo brakes and a lot of custom parts.

> Volkswagen Golf II

> Model: GTI G60

> 1991

> Motor: 1.8 16V KR (139Pk)


- Garrett GT2876R ( 1.9Bar 451Pk 566Nm)

- DTA S60 Pro

- TiAL 38mm Wastegate

- TiAL 50mm Blow Off Valve

- 82mm Wossner pistons 8:1

- Scat rods

- VR6 2.9 throttle body ABF oil pump (36mm)

- High capacity Schrick oil pan

- ACL performance bearings

- KR head slightly modified

- ABF camshafts

- Schrick valve springs

- ARP crankshaft, rod, flywheel and head bolts

- 240mm one mass flywheel with custom 600Nm clutch

- 3,5 inch downpipe and 3 inch exhaust

Your own vision of the car:

I built the car that was in my head for many years, and I'm really proud of the result. It became a great track ready street car. I hope to enjoy the car for many years and make it faster on track with every modification.